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  • 🧑‍🚀 Seasonal Sensory Play Space

    Every month
     12 day free trial
    • Access to my solar season activities courses for all ages!
    • Seasonal downloadable coloring worksheets
    • Discounts on new course launches
    • Invitations to local meetups in ATX
  • Prenatal astro-doula 🤰

    Every month
    I'll walk you through what I did during my pregnancy to prepare for my first baby!
    Valid for 9 months
    • ~45 Min of messages monthly
    • Predicted planetary alignments
    • Postpartum natal chart
  • Ask Me Anything Parent Portal

    Every month
    Essentially, I'd be like your mystical online nanny. 🤳
    • Any of my family reading offerings!
    • Estimated 11 hours of messages monthly
    • Answers to your natal chart questions
    • Heads ups on special alignments
  • 🌜 Mom's Moody Moon Modules

    Every month
     3 day free trial
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