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Hi, I'm Lisa ♏♊♊

Ask me how to support your star seedling's sparkle! 💖

I’m thrilled the stars have brought you here. 💫

It took me a while to accept my messy mom mode, but here I am! 😜 Happily working on this page while nap trapped. 🪐

I'll eventually write up a bunch of fun facts so we can get to know each other, but for now I just wanted to say hello and give you a little behind the scenes look at my face and my office vibes which include cosleeping under constellations, breastfeeding on demand, and me nerding out over astrology and essential oil stuff at 3am when it feels like I'm the only one in the RV instead of a tiny box full of 4 cats and 3 humans. 🙃

So if it takes me like a week to respond to your inquiry, hopefully you'll understand. 💌

I hope my offerings help you bond with your little star seedling the way they have helped me connect with my daughter in such a unique way too. ✨

💜 Lisa IG @lisa.in_real_life

More about me if you're still curious:I'm a ♏ ☀️, ♊ 🌙 & ⬆️ (and now a ♉⬆️ in TX based on my relocated chart!)My chart is dominated by Jupiter which is why I love Sagittarians (such as my fiance) and adventuring! 

Trying to explain my work history to "normal" people has always felt daunting because I've hopped around a ton and proven myself to be a "Jane of all trades" as many deduce after hearing parts of my life story. 

I've worked in: hospitality, mobile technology, mortgage, insurance, executive admin, operations, contracts, recruiting, political campaigns, yacht delivery, coffee shops, acupuncture businesses, woodworking, van building, and probably more that I can't remember right this moment. 😂 

Oh yeah, and once upon a time I ran a pole studio while working full time. 💃 (You can see my pre baby glory days over @cathartic_cadancer )

I'm inspired by astrologers that have found ways to apply their knowledge of astrology with their family and I hope to one day know how to use transit charts and all the stars to guide my years, weeks and days!! 🙌 

For now, I'm soaking it all up like a sponge and hoping my guides lead me along this very bizarre and winding path called life! 🛤️

And hopefully they speak clearly through my tarot decks so I don't get lost! 🙃So there's a little more about me... How about you? What do we have in common? What's unique about you that makes you wonder if it's reflected in your natal chart?

​My Emji Story 
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