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What can you expect from your reading with me?


Ask me a question about your family's natal chart, and I'll send you an RSS response! ✨📲✨

RSS here stands for Raising Star Seedlings...
... but I love how RSS also means:
"Really Simple Syndication. It's an easy way for you to keep up with news and information that's important to you, and helps you avoid the conventional methods of browsing or searching for information on websites."
* RSS Definition from acf.hhs.go

What is a RSS Reading?

Simply put, it's me reading up on your child's chart or question and giving you a RSS (Really Simple Syndication) of the guidance to hopefully implement into your parenting quickly and easily!


Do I know everything about astrology and natal charts? Absolutely not!

😅 There's too many stars and too many theories to know it all! 


Am I a psychic or medium? Possibly!

✨ I use my intuition to determine best examples and guidance to give each parent but don't have literal downloads of exactly what to say. So if you count general visions and gut feelings that have helped me connect deeply with people my entire life, then maybe you'd call me a psychic. 


Want to know more about "readings" to feel out if it resonates with you?

Send me a DM on social or an email with any of your curiosities and I'd be happy to clarify what to expect from your reading!


💫 Plus it'll help me build an FAQ page for other parents who are probably wondering the same stuff! 🤔

RSS Readings


Request your reading

​After you book and pay for your RSS Reading, I will record a brief video to welcome you to our community if it's your first reading.


Reading recorded

Then, I will record an audio clip using Google Recorder for your actual reading.


Link sent

Once recorded, I will send you a link through my website’s chat messenger which will also forward to your email for you to listen to your reading at your convenience


Listen like a podcast

Listening to your reading directly from the Google Recorder link makes it similar to listening to a podcast where you can fast-forward, rewind, and even speed up the audio. 



​Jump to search

​Additionally, a couple of extra useful features to your recorded reading is that you can search the recording for certain words or topics and it will bring you to those spots in the message based on the automated transcript! 



​Download and save

​You'll receive a link to a downloadable version of your reading too plus an organized document based on the transcript of your reading. 



​Make notes and comments

​As you listen to the reading, you can add comments to the live document for notes for us to revisit during your future readings.




​Clarify simple questions

​If there are small nuances to your reading that you'd like clarity on, you can send me a message in the chat and even record your own voice message for me to listen to if you'd like! I'd love to hear your voice. 




​Request additional readings

​And if you're curious to dive in deeper and get answers to more complicated questions, then I would be happy to send you a follow on reading booking link.


“I like listening to you because you light that fire in me and it is inspirational. 🔥 I like your perceptive, deep, insightful and smart mind. 🧚 To me, you are like a good fairy and protector of children and nature.”

♊♋♋ Natasa L. 📍 Croatia 


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