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Prenatal astro-doula

$99 / month for 9 months (~45 min of messages monthly)

  • 45 minutes
  • Audio recording and transcript sent to you through our chat messenger.

Service Description

I'm still dreaming up this option, but pretty much, I'll walk you through what I did during my pregnancy to prepare for my first baby! Each month, we will discuss the alignments of certain planets as they are likely to be predicted and envision what it will feel like raising a star seedling with these aspects of life. Personally, I felt so much relief knowing ahead of time what challenges may come with my first born so that I could mentally prepare myself and get equipped with tools to help her thrive! Plus knowing the beautiful alignments of her chart also has helped me focus my energy on providing her with nourishing activities based on her cosmic configuration.

Contact Details

Studying at Home

About RSS Readings 

Here's a step by step explanation of what to expect from your reading.


Request your reading

​After you book and pay for your RSS Reading, I will record a brief video to welcome you to our community if it's your first reading.


Reading recorded

Then, I will record an audio clip using Google Recorder for your actual reading.


Link sent

Once recorded, I will send you a link through my website’s chat messenger which will also forward to your email for you to listen to your reading at your convenience


Listen like a podcast

Listening to your reading directly from the Google Recorder link makes it similar to listening to a podcast where you can fast-forward, rewind, and even speed up the audio. 



​Jump to search

​Additionally, a couple of extra useful features to your recorded reading is that you can search the recording for certain words or topics and it will bring you to those spots in the message based on the automated transcript! 



​Download and save

​You'll receive a link to a downloadable version of your reading too plus an organized document based on the transcript of your reading. 



​Make notes and comments

​As you listen to the reading, you can add comments to the live document for notes for us to revisit during your future readings.




​Clarify simple questions

​If there are small nuances to your reading that you'd like clarity on, you can send me a message in the chat and even record your own voice message for me to listen to if you'd like! I'd love to hear your voice. 




​Request additional readings

​And if you're curious to dive in deeper and get answers to more complicated questions, then I would be happy to send you a follow on reading booking link.


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