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♓ Sukey And The Mermaid Storytime Podcast

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Sukey And The Mermaid by Robert D. San Souci

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I discuss sensitive topics after reading this book about healing my ancestral trauma and mental health challenges.

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Summary of Sukey And The Mermaid


A little island off the coast of South Carolina

Main Characters:

  - Sukey: A young girl living with her mother and stepfather in a rickety cabin

  - Mama Joe: A beautiful mermaid with brown skin and black eyes, living beneath the sea


  - Sukey escapes her daily chores to visit the beach, where she encounters Mama Joe, who offers her friendship and gifts from the sea

  - Despite warnings, Sukey's stepfather attempts to capture Mama Joe for her treasures, leading to tragic consequences

  - Mama Joe grants Sukey's wish to return home but warns her of the consequences of returning to the world of men

  - Sukey faces challenges, including the loss of her treasure and the betrayal of her stepfather, but ultimately finds happiness with her true love, Dimbo


  - Friendship and trust between Sukey and Mama Joe

  - The consequences of greed and betrayal

  - The longing for freedom and belonging

Lessons Learned:

  - True happiness comes from love and integrity, not material wealth

  - Respect for nature and its inhabitants brings blessings

Cultural Significance:

  - An authenticated African-American folktale, offering insights into traditional beliefs and values

  - Derives from West African folklore, highlighting the interconnectedness of cultures and their storytelling traditions


  - "Sukey And The Mermaid" serves as a timeless tale of courage, friendship, and the enduring spirit of humanity, resonating with readers across generations.


Summary of my personal reflection:

As I sat down to read what I thought would be just another rendition of "The Little Mermaid," little did I know the profound impact it would have on me. The story unfolded in unexpected ways, weaving through themes that resonated deeply within me, touching my heart in ways I hadn't anticipated.

The first thing that struck me was the imagery within the book. The illustrations breathed life into the narrative, making it an immersive experience. I found myself captivated by the visuals, urging others to experience it firsthand.

Discovering that the story was rooted in African-American folklore added another layer of significance. As someone recently relocated to South Carolina, the setting struck a chord with me, transforming the beaches into a canvas for the mermaid's tale to unfold.

Yet, it was the underlying themes of struggle and resilience that truly moved me. The protagonist's journey mirrored my own battles with hardships, particularly in relationships. The heaviness of the story's undertones, juxtaposed with its intended audience of children, highlighted the complexity of life's challenges.

Parenthood brought its own set of challenges, as my toddler's increasing fixation on television added stress to our daily lives. This struggle mirrored the dichotomy presented in the story: the choice between escaping into a dreamland or facing reality head-on.

The symbolism of the woman in white resonated deeply with me, tapping into ancestral trauma buried within my lineage. The echoes of past struggles reverberated through the pages, offering a cathartic release as the protagonist chose a path of empowerment over surrender.

Reflecting on this journey, I realized the transformative power of folklore. These seemingly simple stories carry profound lessons, serving as mirrors to our own struggles and triumphs. In a world inundated with modern adaptations, delving into the depths of traditional folklore unveils hidden truths and timeless wisdom.

As I concluded my reflections, I couldn't help but marvel at the unexpected impact of a borrowed library book. Its pages held a treasure trove of insights, reminding me of the importance of embracing the stories that resonate with our souls.

In closing, I invite you to embark on your own journey through the pages of folklore. Allow yourself to be swept away by the timeless tales that have endured through generations, for within their narratives lie the keys to understanding ourselves and the world around us.

Until next time,


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