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🎡 Scorpio Season Reminder Ritual

Wheel in the sky keeps on turning... 🌌

Welcome to Scorpio season!

Dates: October 23 - November 22

How can you use this info to sync with the stars?

Follow this super simple (and modern) ritual to start honoring the natural seasons again:

🗓️ Add these dates to your family's "Astrology" calendar for quick reference.

🔁 Set your calendar event to recurring yearly so that you're synced with this cycle from now on. 

🔔 Add a reminder too if you want your phone to notify you when the zodiac season shifts! 

🖨️ Print this season's complimentary coloring worksheets for your family to focus on this season.

Did you do this simple ritual?

  • 0%🗓️ Yep!

  • 0%🕡 Set a reminder to do it later after bedtime

  • 0%🧠 I prefer to go off of memory

· · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · ·

If you're new here and new to astrology, thanks for shining your light with a 💜 on this blog post! Here's a brief overview of what I share with mystic mommas like you.

✨ My intentions: To consciously create a space for mommies of little star seedlings to learn the basics of their child's astrological natal chart and essential oils that can help them shine! 

If you'd like to get to know each other a bit more, drop your and your child's Sun sign, Moon sign, and Rising (1st house) signs in the comment bar below or you can email me privately. 🔻

My name is Lisa and I'm a:

☀️ Scorpio sun ♏

🌙 Gemini moon ♊

1️⃣ Taurus rising (in TX) ♉ 

My daughter is a:

☀️ Libra sun ♎

🌙 Virgo moon ♍

1️⃣ Sagittarius rising (in TX) ♐

Don't know all of these yet? 🤔

Here's how to find your family's "big 3" as they call it in astrological mumbojumbo, Google "natal chart" and find a calculator that will give you a snapshot of the sky when your family members were born! 

(I like the one from and personally use the Horos app for a quick reference of my family's alignments when researching the stars!)

Most mommas that dig a little deeper than just "what's your baby's zodiac?" usually start off by learning about their child's Sun sign, moon sign, and rising (1st house) sign.

If you get stuck anywhere, email me and I'm happy to help empower you on your star searching. 💖

If you liked this post, I appreciate you sharing it with any of your friends who are also learning to sync their family's lifestyle with the stars too! 🌠

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