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🌌 Sagittarius Constellation reading from "The Stories in the Stars and Atlas of Constellations"

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

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Transcript & Summary

Hello and welcome to another audio blog where I read to my daughter, sharing things that I find interesting. She gets to practice hearing new words. Today, I am reading from "The Stories in the Stars and Atlas of Constellations" by Susanna Islip. This is my first time reading from this book, so we're going to find out how it is. We're starting in Sagittarius season, so I figured we might as well learn about the constellation of Sagittarius. 

Summary of Reading:

- Sagittarius Overview:

  - Represented by the archer

  - Rank and size: 15

  - Asterisms include the milk dipper

- Constellation Story:

  - Aiming an arrow at the Milky Way's center

  - Potential impact on Sagittarius A, a supermassive black hole

  - Radio source consuming dust and gases, acting as the Milky Way's gravitational bullseye

- Teapot and Milk Dipper:

  - Sagittarius is known as the teapot

  - Steam rising from its spout forms the Milky Way

  - The ladle, or milk dipper, is formed by specific stars in the constellation

- Mr. Tumnus - The Fawn:

  - Mr. Tumnus is depicted as a fawn

  - Part human, part goat, with a human face

  - Different from a centaur, which lacks a human face and doesn't use bows

- Mythological Connections:

  - Mr. Tumnus is a follower of Pan, a sylvan dweller

  - Crotus, a galactic goat god, associated with Sagittarius

  - Crotus invented archery and is linked to the muses, Zeus, and Corona Australis

- Cosmic Narrative:

  - Stars in Sagittarius intertwined with myths since Sumerian times

  - Crotus's wreath falls off in the stars, connecting to Corona Australis

  - Crotus takes aim at a scorpion, shooting an arrow into the dust and gas


Okay. That was, uh, a little bit difficult to read out loud. But um, I learned something because I have never known Sagittarius is also known as a teapot. And that totally just, I don't know. That's a big, that's a lot easier object to relate to in the modern world. So, and now I'm going to think of Sagittarius drinking tea or making, brewing some tea.

Have you ever heard that, and have you ever heard of any other objects or creatures used to describe any of the stars in Sagittarius? I would love to know. 

If you would like me to read more from this book, let me know in the comments. It's a little bit dense. I feel like it may be easier to look at in person. So I highly recommend getting the book for yourself. I got this one from the library. So it looks like most of them are just one-pagers for each different constellation. And I barely know more than just the Zodiac belt. So it will be interesting to learn a lot of the others, and you can even look up, um, in your chart or like you can look up where certain stars are for your natal chart. Anyways, I won't get into all that today, but that was for Sagittarius. 

So, we will try again for Capricorn season. And maybe next time, my daughter will not try to throw herself off a table while we were reading, which is toddler for sure. 

Hope you are having a wonderful evening. Goodbye.


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