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Numerology for Parents

Numerology assigns significance to numbers and their corresponding energies

While it's not a scientific practice, some parents find meaning and guidance in numerology when it comes to personal growth and self-discovery while raising children. 

Here's how numerology can relate to raising your star seedling:

Life Path Number

In numerology, your child's Life Path Number is calculated from their birthdate and provides insights into their life's purpose and personality traits. 

Understanding your child's Life Path Number might help you identify their natural inclinations, strengths, and potential challenges, allowing you to nurture their unique qualities.

Personality Traits


Numerology assigns traits and characteristics to specific numbers

By understanding the traits associated with your child's birthdate or name, you might gain insights into their potential personality traits. 

This can help you better understand their behavior, preferences, and tendencies.

Timings and Decisions

Numerology can be used to choose auspicious dates for important events in your child's life, such as naming ceremonies, birthdays, or other milestones. 

Some parents use numerology to make decisions related to their child's education, activities, and more.

Personal Growth

Numerology can provide a framework for personal growth and self-awareness

As your child grows, you can encourage them to explore their Life Path Number and other numerological aspects to foster self-discovery and development.

Balancing Energies

Numerology identifies strengths and potential challenges associated with different numbers. 

By recognizing these energies, you can help your child find a balance and work on areas that might need attention.

Creativity and Inspiration

Incorporating numerology into creative activities, such as choosing names, room decorations, or art projects, can add a meaningful layer to your child's upbringing.

Always keep in mind that, ultimately, the well-being and growth of your child are influenced by a combination of factors, including your love, guidance, and support.

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