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Cancer Moon Mom Brain Friendly Ritual ☪️

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Happy new moon in Cancer mystic mommas!

New Moon in ♋ is on July 17 at 1:32 pm CT.

Has your moon manifesting routine shifted since spawning your star seedling? 💫

Do you feel so overwhelmed or overstimulated by motherhood that you in even come up with the simplest ritual to synchronize with the moon again? 🪄

Do you yearn for those days as a maiden when you could make all the moon magic your heart desired and spend all your free time reflecting and journaling on your dreams? 🛀

That's how I feel during this cycle of my life and I almost gave up trying since my mom brain literally couldn't handle any more decisions! 😫

But my guides had other plans and downloads for this page started coming through including ways to simplify my routines of honoring the moon and then nudges to share these witchy mom life hacks with you came too. ☄️

Here's how easy your motherhood moon mode can be:

☪️ Set your intention for the moon cycle as you fill your diffuser with water

☪️ Pick 1-2 essential oils from this list to connect with on an emotional level to remind you of your intentions every time you smell it

☪️ Let whatever little rhyme or spell bubbles up from your subconscious flow out of your mouth as you add the drops to your diffusing cauldron

☪️ Turn on the diffuser and take a deep breathe in to seal the deal

☪️ Boom. Done. That's it!

No need to do anything else! You've probably been summoned by a little earthling by this point anyways! 😅

That's what I do and it's helped me stay connected with my cyclical nature in it's simplest form just as essential oils allow us to connect with the spirits of plants in their simplest form! 🌱

Do you love how easy that was? Drop a 💜

Or how efficient you're becoming as a mommy manifestor? Drop a 🩵


Shop from this season's curated shopping list below made for busy mom's like you trying to stay grounded AF but with limited focus time to research all the things. 🫰🪻

🌝 Cancer Moon shopping list:

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