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โ™“โ™ˆ At the Wish of the Fish - A Russian Folklore - Storytime Podcast

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At the Wish of the Fish - A Russian Folklore - adapted by Jay Patrick Lewis

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- Three Brothers in a Kingdom: In a distant kingdom, three brothers lived: two clever lads and the youngest, Emelya, a simpleton.

- Task for a Red Caftan: The older brothers leave on a journey, tasking Emelya to obey their wives' commands for a reward of a red caftan, boots, and hat.

- Emelya's Silly Tasks: Emelya, known for his laziness, undertakes simple tasks like fetching water and firewood, aided by a magical pike.

- Encounter with the Pike: Emelya meets a talking pike while fetching water and is granted wishes in return for sparing its life.

- Horseless Sleigh and Giant Ice Bear: The pike grants Emelya's wish, and he completes tasks with a horseless sleigh and a giant ice bear's help.

- Summoned to the Palace: Emelya's antics attract the tsar's attention, who summons him to the palace, where Emelya's wishes astonish everyone.

- Marya's Love and Betrayal: Emelya falls in love with Marya, the tsar's daughter, and they are betrayed, sealed in a barrel and cast into the sea.

- Transformation and Reunion: The pike grants Emelya's final wish to be less foolish, transforming him into a nobleman. He reunites with Marya and proves his worth to the tsar.

- Wedding Fit for a King: Emelya and Marya marry, bringing together people from all walks of life for a joyous celebration.

- Lessons Learned: Despite his transformation, Emelya never forgets the lessons learned from his encounters with the pike, cherishing the good fortune bestowed upon him.

This adaptation of the classic Russian folktale combines humor, magic, and romance, delivering a timeless tale of wit, kindness, and redemption.


Personal reflection:

I think this book is very fitting for Pisces season transitioning into Aries season because it brings together the fish and the fool in a delightful tale. It resonates with me how our visible world is intricately connected to the unseen, darker aspects of the zodiac. I've heard that our spirit guides are always with us, ready to manifest our desires if we voice them clearly. The fool in the story exemplifies this perfectly โ€“ by simply expressing his wishes aloud, he sets a chain of magical events in motion, bridging the gap between worlds.

I'm still pondering whether spirit guides can read our minds or if they require spoken affirmation. Nevertheless, this story underscores the importance of vocalizing our intentions, which is why I believe in the power of affirmations. It's an aspect of spirituality that resonates deeply with both Pisces and Aries seasons.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this interpretation. Interestingly, my daughter showed some interest in the story, although I had to resort to playing a TV show on mute to keep her occupied while I read. Thanks to mom for suggesting that tactic โ€“ it worked like a charm in keeping her distractions at bay!

As we transition into springtime and Aries season, I have more books lined up for our reading journey. Recently, I came across a fascinating one about Saint Patrick's Day, but I was at a friend's house and couldn't record it. I'll make sure to include it in my list of seasonal reads. Speaking of which, I've been gradually updating my list, and it's worth noting that all the books I read come from the library, many of which are available digitally through library apps.

That's all for now. Until next time, goodbye!


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