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๐ŸŒŒ Aquarius Constellation Story from "Stories from the Stars, Greek Myths of the Zodiac"

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Transcript & Summary:

Hello, everyone! I'm about to read the Aquarius myth from a book called "An Abbeville Anthology: Stories from the Stars, Greek Myths of the Zodiac" by Juliet Burke. I borrowed this one from the library. Let's see if it's a little more interesting than the last one I was reading because the last one was kind of weird, okay?

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ย - Story Focus: Ganymede, the cup bearer, is the tale for Aquarius celebrated from January 21st to February 19th.

- Constellation Representation: Aquarius shows a person pouring water from a jug, and the story revolves around Ganymede.

- Ganymede's Background: Ganymede, son of King Tros from Troy, was an exquisite youth adored by gods and mortals.

- Zeus's Fondness: Zeus, captivated by Ganymede's beauty, disguised himself as an eagle to bring Ganymede to Olympus.

- Ganymede's Role: Zeus appointed Ganymede as his cup bearer, a coveted position among the gods to stay young and immortal.

- Hera's Objection: Hera, angered by Zeus's choice, protested the honor being taken from their daughter Hebe.

- Hermes's Revelation: Hermes assured King Tros that Ganymede was safe and gifted the king a vine of pure gold and magic white horses.

- Ganymede's Life in Olympus: Ganymede lived contently in Olympus, becoming Zeus's favorite servant, causing friction with Hera.

- Zeus's Score: Zeus, pleased to score a point over Hera, added Ganymede's image among the stars as Aquarius, the water carrier.

I didn't know about the horses and the vine โ€“ an interesting addition to the story. Also, the eagle constellation being close to Aquarius makes sense. I should check the star map before recording next time. Your thoughts on the story and any additional details are welcome. I appreciate how this book keeps it short, simple, and includes pictures that my daughter was paying attention to while I was reading.ย 

We'll try to cover stories for each season in the future. Until next time, goodbye!


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