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🎡 Children's natal chart basics

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Do you want to understand the roots of your child's core identity and unique personality? Do you want to help your child process their feelings in a nurturing way? Do you want to know how to encourage them to interact with others? This course will provide you with valuable insights into your child's personality, emotions, and outward behavior. We will look at that crazy geometric math puzzle thing called your child's natal chart and identify each of the symbols so that you can utilize it as a reference sheet when exploring astrological parenting resources! 🎡 Areas we will cover: 🎡 Your child's natal chart 🧑‍🚀 Why know your child's "big 3'? ☀️ Sun sign 🌙 Moon sign ⬆️ Rising sign 🌌 Symbols of the zodiac signs 🪐 Symbols of the planets · · ─────── ·𖥸· ─────── · · 📮 Tips & donations humbly accepted, but not expected: 🙌 Venmo: @LisaHardee 🙌 PayPal: @LisaHardee 🫰 Going through a tough time financially? I can totally emphasize with you right now as I'm often on the lookout for ways to expand my horizons on a tight budget. 👛 Have skills or goods that you'd want to barter or trade? 💝 Send me your offer at You can also visit this page for self serve sliding scale pricing promo codes as my way of paying it forward after my lifetime of wishing businesses offered something like this too. 🙏

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