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🪩 Nature's Rhythm Movement Calendar - Cyclical Embodiment Course 🌀

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March 2024: In process of updating this movement calendar from my old Astro Pole Challenge content. I appreciate your patience with the natural chaos it's currently in 😜 I'm adding this monthly movement calendar to my motherhood astrology blog in case anyone is interested in joining me in this practice. Currently, I have it set up as a resource for your self exploration to use during open pole practices and freestyle dances. You can weave in as many of the moves and tips as you want or simply choose one thing to focus on for the season. I've taken my database of pole dance tricks, spins, transitions, floorwork, chair dance, flexibility and twerking things and reflected on which seasons of the year each one aligns to based on each month's natural rhythm, moon cycles, and my interpretations of the symbolism of each zodiac sign and the common names of each move. Additionally, I wove in the correspondences of each body part for each zodiac sign based on medical astrology to determine which areas to focus on each season. Feel free to share the link to this secret group with any of your poler friends. I plan to post my practice videos in the my private group accessible through my website's app and also on IG under #MomsMovementCalendar and invite you to do the same!

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