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Playful astrology resources 

to transform your motherhood journey 

into a whimsically mystical metamorphosis story.

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​“Excited to use these with my girls. Teaching them some astrology like this will be amazing.”

♓♊♊ Stacey S.

📍 Western Australia



Rainbow Balloons

Hey mystic momma!

Are you ready to discover your child's true character and their secret super powers?

Do you want to learn how to work with your child's unique personality traits...

in a cosmically curious way...

that imaginatively ignites behaviors...

that allow them to experience their life to their fullest potential?

Let's explore the positions of the sun, moon, planets and more on your child's natal chart as a roadmap to parenting your cosmic kid! 

Take my FREE Children's Natal Chart Basics course today using the link below!

 Lisa Gemini Screenshot_20230703-045507.png

Have your intentions to sync with the stars shifted since spawning your star seedling? 💫

Do you feel so overwhelmed or overstimulated by motherhood that you can't even come up with the simplest rituals to honor the natural seasons again? 🪄


Do you yearn for those days as a maiden when you could listen to all the astrological horoscopes your heart desired and spend all your free time reflecting and journaling on your dreams? 🛀

My seasonal resources are full of inspiring ways to easily celebrate each zodiac with your family! ✨

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